Formualted Business

With its main business focused on heparin and LMWH formulations,
Techdow is now a leading exporter of LMWH formulations in China.

Market Leadership in the Heparin Business

  • The First

    The first enoxaparin sodium biosimilar injection approved by the EMA of the EU

  • An Industry Leader

    A leading exporter of LMWH formulations in China

  • The First

    The first generic enoxaparin sodium injection approved by China NMPA

  • The First

    One of the first few Chinese pharmaceutical companies with its own sales teams for formulated products in the EU market. To date, Techdow's enoxaparin sodium injections have recorded a total sales of approximately 480 million vials in the European market, making Techdow a market leader in the region.

  • The First Selected

    Techdow's enoxaparin sodium injection (Prolongin®) is the first enoxaparin product selected by the 8th Centralized National Procurement in China

  • Global Presence

    Techdow's enoxaparin sodium injections are sold in over 40 countries and regions around the world and are covered by the national medical insurance programs of the EU, UK, and Switzerland.

The Advantages of Techdow's Enoxaparin Sodium Injections

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